"TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN FICTION"                                                               -Mark Twain-       

Southern Paranormal Research & Investigation Team

A group of paranormal investigators who are dedicated to to the 
 pursuit of truth. Based out of Palm Beach County, Florida,
    our goal is to pursue the truth and
 to provide quality services to those  who are in need regarding the paranormal. 
We serve private residences, businesses and public settings. We do NOT charge for 
our services and strive to provide professional and empathic services to those who may be experiencing paranormal phenomena. By using scientific instruments, we strive to provide each client with the truth, whatever that may be. 


2011 Pensacola, Florida
                                                                  eSprit Team Member Jasmine
                                                           attended the 2011 Pensacola Paracon

           2012 Sebring, Florida 
                              PIA Conference 
                                  eSprit Team Members, Jennifer and Jasmine Attended This Year's 2012

                                            Paranormal Information Association Conference                                                           2013  Boca Raton, Florida

                              Unicorn Children's Foundation                                                 
                                              eSprit Southern Paranormal Research & Investigation Team    
                          The eSprit Team are proud to be taking part in this year's Buddha Ball Silent Auction,
              in an effort to help raise money and awareness for children with learning and communication disorders.

                                         2013 Sebring, Florida
                              PIA Conference 
                                eSprit Team Members, Carmela, Jennifer and Jasmine Attended This Year's 2013
                                                      Paranormal Information Association Conference 

                      2013  St. Augustine, Florida
 PKC Florida 2013
                                             eSprit Team Members, Jennifer, Carmela and Jasmine
                                    look forward to  attending this year's (PKC) Paranormal Kicks Cancer
                                           Event in  St. Augustine, Florida this upcoming September 

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